The Harvest Is Great

HarvestWe have been spending a few days in the heart of Humboldt county where the harvest of a different kind is very plentiful. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation these dear people see glimpses of God’s character of selfless love in giving them life, His bountiful generosity in sending rain and sunshine, and His eternal power expressed in the unchanging mountains which surround them. God has not left them without a witness.

Yet, even with so many witnesses in nature, the enemy of souls keeps the people in darkness by restricting their access to a more complete revelation of God’s character as found in the eternal word of God. Churches are few and far between. The members of these various denominations do not hold a true understanding of end-time events nor how to prepare others for what is soon to come upon the world. The few churches which do know the truth are small and unable to reach deep into the mountainous dwellings where growers guard their crops with AK47’s.

Now we have a chance to send faithful evangelists, dedicated doctors, and godly musicians  past these assault rifles and into the homes and dwellings of the mountain marijuana-growers. Doug Bachelor, Mark Finley, Ivor Myers, and dozens of more top-notch preachers, have agreed to proclaim the gospel to the people in the Emerald Triangle. They can come invisibly but their voice will be heard. They will be in all places at all times and never leave the area, never take a holiday; there will never be a place where their voice is not heard.

How can we afford to hire these famous men to preach this end-time message with such constancy and without fear of being assaulted? It costs just $35,000 to hire them and $2,500/mo. to keep them going. We are speaking, of course, about a powerful FM radio station located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. So far, we have had two donors give a combined total of $12,000, for which we greatly thank the Lord. Still, we need another $23,000 to purchase the station. After that we will need monthly sponsors to provide a total of $2,500/mo. to pay for the lease and the electricity.

I truly believe in this mission, and if you do, too, you can donate below. Or if you have a more specific amount you would like to give you can go to the homepage and click on the donate button which will allow you donate the exact amount you’d like.

God bless you, friend.


Jeremy Westcott


Thank you for your generous contribution to this faith-based project. May God open the door to reach these people in darkness with His glorious light!



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