Radio Project

A window of opportunity has opened for us to purchase a radio station in Northern California. The station has a large broadcast range of over 5,000 square miles. The current owner has offered us the station for the price of the equipment and will donate the license.

This is a full-power station which reaches from Fortuna to Covelo to Fort Bragg and everywhere in between. It covers all of southern Humboldt, northern Mendocino, and even parts of Trinity counties.

coverage-map-1.jpgThe little red dot next to the town of Miranda represents approximately the area which a low-power FM station would reached. But look at how much more we can reach with this full-power FM station! I have been to Fort Bragg many times and picked up the signal FM loud and clear. It’s a strong signal all the way down the coast and into the interior.

As you can see from the picture, there is strong coverage of at least a 45-50 mile radius and about 5,400 square miles. To put that in perspective, the entire Los Angeles county is 4,751 square miles! Some of the coverage, of course, is over the ocean. But we’d be delighted to have some fisherman on their boats tuning in to hear Doug Batchelor during the busy salmon season!

If you are interested in more information about this project, please contact us and we will provide more details.

If you want to help make this project a reality, and bring light to this dark corner of the earth, you may DONATE HERE.